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Valerian -Sangreal- Concept 5 by systemcat Valerian -Sangreal- Concept 5 by systemcat
The black & white manga version. The version of this in color can be found here: [link]
MFC2TX Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
This version looks beautiful. Good armature, and excellent pose. I can actually see him preparing to bring the cane around and use it to bludgeon someone. Two details I have questions about (and probably something I needed to clear up from the sketches I wrote).

Is that his pocket watch chain attached to the cane? I've seen it in several of the previous concept sketches and I took for granted that his pocket watch chain might be attached to the cane, I always just thought it was in motion due to the action. I didn't mean for his cane to be attached to his clothing, and I probably mashed the descriptions together and got two separate details mixed together because of it. He's really supposed to have a pocket watch, with the chain dangling, not attached to the cane.

Is the trigger supposed to be positioned perpendicular to the cane's grip? I thought it would be parallel to the grip. I remember describing the cane shaft as the barrel, but I may be confusing myself. Sometimes I don't know for sure what I wrote from one sketch to the next. I probably have five different Valerian descriptions. I have Sangreal Aristocrats, Sangreal Generals, Ghoul Soldiers, Mindless Ravagers, and Sangreal Wraiths all with different descriptions, some emphasizing aspects of the culture others do not, and it's entirely possible I remember things completely wrong.

You know what... Let's scratch the cane-gun and just make it a sword cane, then he can use the drawn blade inside it as a rapier and the sheath/shaft as a short-staff. It actually makes more sense than a cane-gun. The concept sketches have been very useful in helping me to see this issue.

I'm looking forward to seeing Toto and his hairless ape. ;) LOL
systemcat Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010  Professional General Artist
Wow thanks :). Ok he'll be drawn the new way from now on :).

Just put my first work on Judy in the scraps folder :). Toto should be a no brainer since I've done drawings like him before.
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September 8, 2010
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