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Valerian -Sangreal- Concept 4 by systemcat Valerian -Sangreal- Concept 4 by systemcat
In a note from the author coming up with the RPG that I'm making what at this point is only concept pieces. He asked that I make a couple more versions of the character only in black & white due to it's likely when it comes to printing time, the pictures won't be in color because of cost.

One version to remain in manga style, and another in the 90's DC animated one. I wanted to do the DC one first since it's been ages since I've been requested to draw in it. Ok, there was one request in recent history, but until I'm given a yes or no from the script's author, I don't know when this learned style will be shown again.

From a couple people I've noticed it's come as a small stock I know how to draw this way. Explanation. Years and years ago a company named Skyline Productions made a request for a penciler that could draw this way. I learned it, and there was some mess with a fax machine, the sample never made it to them :(.
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truepoetryneverdies Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
Nice action pose! :nod: :heart:

What a pity that you can't color this! :no: Colors would greatly enhance its visual impact!
Are you sure that they can't afford to print it in colors? They maybe spare on something else... :buymyprints:
Your works deserve colors!!! :#1:
systemcat Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks :D!

It's for an RPG guide book that's going to be self published by the author.

Wish I could sell some art :), haven't done any paid jobs since Dec. last year :(.
truepoetryneverdies Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
This is a real pity! But you know, art and money seldom go along...
I don't know if it can cheers you up, but... I've never been paid for my art... ^^;
I hope that my first paid job will come sooner or later... :P

I received an e-mail from a site called "Mr BeefJack", (maybe you have received the same?)
They said they are looking for 2D illustrators.., if you want, you can to check the link here.
I hope it helps!
systemcat Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010  Professional General Artist
The link didn't go through :(.

What I've done professionally over the years has only been really two kinds of art from the vast variety of what I know how to do. Newspaper / newsletter comics and window art. ...Um I feel I should clarify this. Window art meaning I put real time into it, like it takes nearly a day to paint what's requested.

You should get a professional job :#1: because I don't see how any one could question if you have talent, it shows it self pain as day even when you think some thing doesn't look right :), I have to look hard to find what you find fault in. And normally I don't see what you've downed over it. I think some things only the artist her or himself can see in a piece of their work.

Could you given these guys a buzz on my behalf? Maybe share with them a piece or two of mine or a link to my profile? :teamwork:
MFC2TX Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010
Very Batman Superman Adventures. I see the DC animation influence.

Suggestion for the hand-to-cane issue I'm noticing. Reference the '90s Batman Animated Series for Penguin episodes, especially episodes featuring him wielding the umbrella as a sword/gasgun/machinegun. Pengie's hand may be more of a flipper, but you may see a more smooth transition for the cane in the Valerian's hand as a weapon.

I look forward to the next version.
systemcat Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks :D.

I know one finger wasn't drawn, but for keeping the hand in perspective & for want of not crowding the already drawn hand. That's why it didn't happen. When drawing the pose, as I told you on the phone I had looked at my hand holding a watergun. I figured the fingers would slide down in the grip, in the same way for the cane-gun with how it's been drawn before. That slide down is also how my hand was gripping the watergun so that positioning I modeled with my hand from it worked.
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September 6, 2010
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